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ID and E-Learning Links (6/4/17)

  • Instructional Design and Technology “MicroMasters” through edX and UMUC. 4 courses, 8 weeks each, 4-6 hours per week. Free to try, around $800 for verified credits. While I’m not sure how much hands on experience this program gives, it might be a good option for formal education for people looking for something less than a full masters program or even a typical certificate.

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  • Spreadsheet for analyzing LMS needs from different vendors. Add your criteria on the Evaluation Sheet. Criteria are in categories (usability, management, reporting, technical, administration), but you could customize the categories. Rate vendors on their own tab on how well they meet the criteria. The top 5 of 10 vendors are highlighted.

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  • Yes, you can, but training alone isn’t enough

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    • For diversity and inclusion training to stick, it needs support, reinforcement and a firm foundation in a broader talent management strategy that includes culture, leadership and learning and development.

    • Ask these questions: Does our culture embrace diversity and inclusion? Do our leaders understand their value to the business and the workforce? Do the organization’s talent management strategies and systems support and enable diversity and inclusion? If not, training would be precipitous because the right support for this type of development is not there.

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Instructional Design & eLearning Links

ID and E-Learning Links (4/3/16)

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ID and E-Learning Links (2/7/16)

  • LMSs for experts to sell courses. These aren’t all completely free, in spite of the title. This list is geared more to teachers who want to sell something online on the side. Udemy, Odijoo, RCampus, Learnopia, Peer 2 Peer University, Teachers pay Teachers


  • Platforms for selling courses. These are mostly not full LMSs but aimed at SMEs who want to sell courses. Academy of Mine, Coggno, CourseMerchant, DigitalChalk, EdLoud, Educadium, EZLCMS, Inquisiq, Learning Cart, Litmos, MindBites, Mindflash, OpenSesame, Pathwright, ProProfs, Ruzuku, SkyPrep, Teachable, Udemy, WizIQ


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ID and E-Learning Links (9/27/15)

  • This is an older tool and doesn’t look like it’s being maintained anymore (the last news update is from 2008), but it appears to be able to repackage SCORM packages. Might be worth testing if you have SCORM packages created in software you don’t otherwise have access to.

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  • I think Canvas is too well-established to be on this list. The others are worth exploring (Adobe Captivate Prime, LearnDash, UpsideLMS, and Matrix). They have a quick summary of each, including price, and notes on the intended audience.

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I Need an LMS. Where Do I Start?

If you’re just starting the process of selecting and implementing a new LMS, the process can feel a little overwhelming. This is especially true for organizations who don’t currently have an LMS and are starting completely from scratch. In those circumstances, I often see organizations struggle to even identify what questions they should be asking. They “don’t know what they don’t know.” Unfortunately, failing to sufficiently analyze your needs and identify your use cases can result in a very expensive and time-consuming mistake. After all, the process often takes a year or more, and the systems themselves can be quite costly.

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Process Overview and Needs Analysis

Use these resources to get an overview of the LMS selection process and help identify what questions you should be asking.

Several years ago, the team I worked with presented on our process for selecting and implementing an LMS. It may be easier to read the text in full screen view. (If you’re reading this post in email or in a feed reader, you may need to view the presentation on Slideshare.)

LMS Options

After you read the articles above and have made good progress on your needs analysis, you can start narrowing down the list of choices. With over 700 LMSs on the market, you have to start narrowing down the list quickly.

 Change Management

Don’t forget change management! You can run into a surprising amount of resistance to an LMS; it can mean big changes in how people work and learn. I gave a presentation on “Why an LMS” for one client as part of their change management plan. (As before, email and RSS readers may want to view this on Slideshare.)

 Your Questions?

Like many of my blog posts, this one started as the answer to a question I’d heard from several people. I love great questions, so ask me yours in the comments.

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