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An updated version of my portfolio is available on my consulting site, Syniad Learning.

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This portfolio shows some highlights of my instructional design and e-learning work. My work history is available on my LinkedIn profile. Besides this blog, from November 2007 to November 2009 I also contributed to the PLS Online Course Development blog. Click the thumbnails to see full-size images.


Software Tutorials

As part of the orientation to the Sakai LMS, students have access to a number of practice tutorials and self-assessment simulations. These tutorials were created in Captivate.

Blog Tool Tutorial
Blog Tool Tutorial

Branching Scenario

This scenario is a practice exercise for responding to student resistance for online facilitators. Participants choose how they will respond to statements showing student resistance. How the “students” react depends on the choices made, with photos emphasizing the positive or negative emotional reaction. This practice uses simple branching and was developed in Captivate with visuals developed in PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Correct Scenario Response Feedback
Correct Scenario Response Feedback
Incorrect Scenario Response Feedback
Incorrect Scenario Response Feedback


This storyboard was developed for a practice activity in an organizational research course. The PowerPoint storyboard includes the content of the self-assessment activities and directions for the Flash developers.

Storyboard Screenshot
Storyboard Screenshot

Scenario-Based Learning

Diversity Stories

For a course on cultural competence and diversity, the concept of Identity Development Models was demonstrated through stories of two individuals, Pamela and Malik. Each person proceeds through the stages of identity development based on events that happen in their lives. The stories provide more emotional impact than abstract descriptions of the model. This scenario was created in Captivate and includes some limited branching. Photos were edited in Photoshop.

Something happens in Pamela's Story
Something happens in Pamela’s Story
Malik's story moves forward
Malik’s story moves forward

Web 2.0 Scenarios

A number of courses I’ve developed use scenario-based activities. These activities pose realistic problems for students to address, allowing them to practice applying skills and making decisions in authentic situations.

One example of this type of activity is a small group assignment from a course teaching Web 2.0 skills to teachers. The scenarios deal with privacy and safety issues concerning students using Web 2.0 tools. Participants in the course use a wiki to collaborate and develop a plan to respond to the issues in the scenario.

Web 2.0 Scenario Responses

Web 2.0 scenarios on a wiki
Web 2.0 scenarios on a wiki

Presentations and Publications

Using an Open Source Wiki for E-Learning Development Process Documentation, Learning Solutions Magazine, July 27, 2009

TCC 2009 Presentation: “An eLearning Team’s Tale: Choosing and Implementing the Right Learning Management System”

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