ID and E-Learning Links (5/22/16)

Links for 5/22/16Instructional Design and E-Learning Links

  • Sizes for different platforms and quick directions on how to create banners

    tags:socialmedia graphics howto

  • Differences between themes and templates in Captivate. I might also use templates if multiple people are working on the same project and you need some consistent layouts or slides between them.

    tags:captivate e-learning

    • The goal of a Captivate theme is to keep a consistent design throughout your project. It can be ‘applied’ to any project, even after creation.
    • template in Captivate has to be chosen before you create a project.
    • The term is often wrongly used: most Captivate ‘templates’ that you can find on the web, are just cptx-projects, not templates in the Captivate language.
    • When would I use a template in Captivate 9? For courses that have several modules, where you want to have some slides in common, maybe have custom navigation/control buttons that cannot be put on the master slide, but need to be timed for the rest of the project. I would rarely use it to have placeholder slides, unless some team members need to have that assistance.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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