ID and e-Learning Links (2/10/14)

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2 thoughts on “ID and e-Learning Links (2/10/14)

  1. Thanks for the list Christy! I got a kick out of seeing the long list of job titles in the L&D world. I thought I had heard them all, but apparently I was wrong. I get the sense that as emerging technologies come around and the larger our field grows, so will the list. We are like the Eskimo…in the sense that they have hundreds of different words to describe the ‘snow’, so do we but for our profession 😉

    1. Someone shared this list in a LinkedIn group. I get a lot of questions about careers and job searching, and I think your post will be helpful for them.

      I think it’s also a measure of how often we end up talking “past” each other in this field. We use the same words to describe different things, or we use different words to describe the same thing. I’m struggling with a client right now because we’re having a language barrier; how they use the term “engaging,” for example, is very different from how I use it.

      There’s also a general struggle for what an “instructional designer” does. Some people call themselves IDs when they’re really what I’d call “e-learning developers” or “multimedia developers.” Other people insist that IDs don’t need any technical development skills and should only focus on analysis and design.

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