Weekly Bookmarks (8/26/12)

  • Presentation on pricing for e-learning businesses and consultants. Slides 7 & 8 show a sample calculation of how to figure out how much to charge per hour. The formatting is awful, at least in FF, but the information is good. Overhead seems a little high to me–it makes sense if you are renting an office, but that should be much less if you’re an individual working from home.

    tags: freelance hourlyrate e-learning

  • 5 common mistakes faculty make when converting courses to online

    tags: highered e-learning education

    • Use the same face-to-face course syllabus
    • Implement Course grading that relies heavily on exam assessments
    • Assignments that lack detailed instructions
    • Utilize the same course materials as used in F2F class
    • Underestimate the amount of time needed for course transition

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