Weekly Bookmarks (8/5/12)

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Bookmarks (8/5/12)

  1. I was interested in number #5 – “A program should have mostly full time professors.”

    I’d say that depends on the adjuncts and how they are used. There should certainly be a strong base of full time faculty, and I despise the use of adjuncts as a purely cost cutting measure.

    But I’ve been an adjunct in a program that used adjuncts as a strategic way to involve actual practitioners as a balance to full-time academics, and I think it can be a good way to develop relationships between the academic program and future employers.

    If students are going to get jobs as IDs, adjuncts who are IDs in their day job can be a good way to represent the practical and applied.

    1. Yes, absolutely agreed. Ray is definitely much more from the “traditional academic” path, and his list reflects that in several ways. Adjuncts who are active practitioners in the field can be very beneficial for students.

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