Instructional Design Portfolio Resources

I love how some of my posts from 2007 still generate regular comments, such as this question today about software for creating a portfolio.

First, if you’re wondering why you need a portfolio, read Tom Kuhlmann’s explanation.

Portfolio, Online Solution
Portfolio by cirox

If you’re trying to plan or create a portfolio, check out April Hayman’s very thorough series on creating an instructional design portfolio:

  1. Decide what skills you want to showcase
  2. Gather artifacts
  3. Choose a CMS
  4. Market your portfolio

April’s CMS post only addresses WordPress and Joomla. Those are both good choices (my portfolio was built in WordPress), but there are many more out there.

More Resources (including a free course!)

Do you have a favorite tool for creating portfolios or a resource I’ve missed?

10 thoughts on “Instructional Design Portfolio Resources

  1. Some of the new features on Tumblr’s templates are good, but I agree: WordPress is the way to go. I’ve been meaning to design my own portfolio again online.

  2. Hi Christy. I cannot believe that I just found your blog after having a group lunch with you a couple of weeks ago. I am thinking of starting an ID portfolio, did a Google search on those terms, and your site was the first thing that popped up.

    Fantastic website and I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for the encouragement.


    1. Hi Ryan, nice to see you here! I actually have very little overlap between people I know face-to-face and those who I know through my blog, so it’s fun to have someone I’ve met in person here. Glad you found it useful.

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