Daily Bookmarks 11/12/2009

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One thought on “Daily Bookmarks 11/12/2009

  1. Hi Christie,

    . . .Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and have found it to be both highly informative and thought-provoking.

    In your post you questioned whether IDs needed to have some level of technical knowledge in the area for which they are designing instructional materials. I think that would be the ideal situation, but unfortunately, is not always possible. Depending on their level of knowledge of the subject matter, IDs can begin to contribute more quickly, thus shortening ramp-up times and which possibly could result in project efficiencies.

    Working with some knowledge versus none can help IDs formulate more insightful questions and can help fill in certain gaps. So again, this is the ideal in my view.

    If an ID has no knowledge of the subject matter, whenever feasible I believe they should attempt to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible without sacrificing agreed-upon deliverable deadlines. For instance years ago while serving as a consultant at a large teaching hospital I was responsible for developing policy statements and writing operational procedures to support those policies. I had no knowledge of or experience with the functions that I was working with, but spent a considerable amount of time interviewing and observing line supervisors and even performing some of the tasks of the workers. The information that I learned from working in the trenches helped me immeasurably in writing the procedures.

    If even this level of preparation is not possible, IDs with absolutely no knowledge in the subject matter can of course still design instructional materials that are just as effective. As mentioned in your blog the ID would need to demonstrate top-notch communication and interviewing skills (which most should have anyway). These skills should help the ID ask the right question and delve deeply into the knowledge base of the SME, thus acquiring the information needed.

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