Daily Bookmarks 03/18/2009

  • A “virtual learning authoring system for virtual worlds” that allows you to create learning activities that are stored independently of the virtual world. Supports Second Life & OpenSim now, could work in other worlds in the future

    tags: secondlife, 3d, virtualworlds, e-learning

  • Tony Karrer suggested we might be known as “management consultants” in the future, but I like Wendy’s “Knowledge Gardener” much better

    tags: instructionaldesign, career, education, training

    • Thinking about the tools I’m building and the programs I’m developing – that seems more akin to the way I want my job to evolve. As a “knowledge gardener.”
    • So I’ve decided that my next 5 years will be spent as a “knowledge gardener.” Helping people get the information they need. Encouraging people within my organization to talk to each other and share what they know. Facilitating learning when they need and want it (preferrably in much smaller chunks than they are getting now).

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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