Daily Bookmarks 11/08/2008

  • Live blogged notes from AECT about systems thinking, innovation, and games for learning. Lots of side comments too, including some good connections to instructional design and getting too bogged down in multiple theories.

    tags: instructionaldesign, theory, change, games, scaffolding, education, e-learning

    • This is exactly what has happened to instructional design, and could by why theory and practice don’t meet. So much theory has been introduced that we can no longer see how instruction is actually designed. That’s why I think many times it has become easier for novice (in this case non-academically trained) designers can do it so often. They are not encumbered by the fog of theory.
  • Another response to Nancy White’s CCK08 discussion on how to get change to happen. Also includes an interesting graphic with overlapping skills of “social fluency” based on work by Chris Lott.

    tags: cck08, change, education, communication, 21stcenturyskills, teaching

    • social fluency
    • Change has to start with an identified need, not with a good idea. Generally, we only change when we must. Listen for needs.
    • Change,
      like great research, begins with asking important questions, and
      provoking respondents to self-change instead of trying to persuade or
      impose it.
    • Experiment. The best, profound changes come from masses of iterative learning and exploration of possibilities.

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