Daily Bookmarks 09/29/2008

  • Summary of a book by a professor of linguistics that examines and debunks the complaints about text messaging reducing literacy. Good collection of misconceptions about txtng with counterarguments and research.

    tags: literacy, writing, technology

    • Annoyingly, just as complaints about literacy multiply, along comes a technology that has promoted a renaissance in reading and writing, yet it is treated with contempt by the ‘pen and paper’ brigade. Children don’t keep diaries any more – oh yeah! Haven’t you see MySpace, facebook and blogs. They’re obsessed by diary keeping.
  • 7 aspects of learning 2.0 strategy, with a recurring theme of focusing on small, simple, tactical changes rather than trying to do a top-down approach. This makes sense; web 2.0 isn’t a top-down exchange of information, so learning 2.0 shouldn’t work best with that kind of hierarchy either. Focus on the behaviors you can change and the tactics that can be immediately successful, then let the organizational culture and strategy follow.

    tags: e-learning, learning2.0, orgculture, changemanagement

  • I knew about these before, but needed to look up the list again today. Apparently I hadn’t bookmarked it. This one includes all the available flags in Skype. Note that some of the hidden emoticons are PG.

    tags: skype

  • Describes several smaller social network platforms with some pluses and minuses, including Ning, Grou.ps, Buddy Press, and Elgg.

    tags: socialnetworking, opensource, tools, community

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