Daily Bookmarks 06/11/2008

  • A game developed so that visually impaired users can play it, using either a Wiimote or keyboard. One of the goals was to create “an engaging game that relies more on high quality audio than visuals.” Very interesting concept; quality accessibly game design could also help designing for other applications.

    tags: games, accessibility

  • Alfie Kohn on reasons to abolish the current grading system in favor of authentic assessment to focus on learning, rather than grading. Includes a number of citations that would be worth exploring.

    tags: education, k-12, motivation, assessment

    • Researchers have found three consistent effects of using
      – and especially, emphasizing the importance of – letter or number grades:

      1. Grades tend to reduce students’ interest in the
        learning itself…
      2. Grades tend to reduce students’ preference for
        challenging tasks…
      3. Grades tend to reduce the quality of students’ thinking…

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