Daily Bookmarks 06/06/2008

  • Online collection of primary sources related to Wisconsin’s history. Copyright specifically allows educational use; many sources are old enough to be public domain.

    tags: primarysources, history

  • Primary source material from the Peshtigo fire (which happened the same night as the Chicago fire).

    tags: primarysources, history

  • Directory of open source software applications, sorted by function. Includes a tag search function.

    tags: opensource, tools

  • Not what I would have guessed she would do for a career after retiring from the Supreme Court. Sanda Day O’Connor is helping develop an educational game to teach students about the legal system.

    tags: games, education

    • O’Connor believes that America’s youth aren’t learning enough about civics, and thinks that the educational power of videogames is just the thing to change that.
    • The game “lets students engage in real issues and real problems,” O’Connor said. It will allow them to “step into the shoes of a judge, a legislator, an executive — teach them how to think through and analyze problems, take action and voice opinions to their elected

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