Daily Bookmarks 03/16/2008

Connectivism Blog > Pedagogy First? Whatever. Annotated

tags: connectivism, context, pedagogy, technology

George Siemens argues that rather than starting with pedagogy for making instructional decisions, we should start with context. He recommends choosing the technology first, then the pedagogy to match, partly because “sound pedagogy” is an ambiguous target.

Pedagogy should not even be a consideration during the planning stages of technology use. Harsh statement? Perhaps, but it’s a reality. Few Utopian situations exist where our decisions on how to teach can be based exclusively on pedagogy. Resources, expertise, technology, needs (of learners, educators, society), and funds impact what we choose to do. In a world: context. The mix of multiple, mutually influencing factors determine what we types of technology we select.

    ArtRage 2

    tags: freeware, graphics, tools

    Painting program, free and paid versions, with great looking brushes and tools. Paint blends with other colors and has texture like actual paint.

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