Daily Bookmarks 02/19/2008

Templates & Examples | Usability.gov

tags: template, usability, webdesign

Usability resources from the US government. Organized in four sections: plan, analyze, design, test & refine

Usability Testing Materials (Evaluation Usability Resources)

tags: template, usability, webdesign

Documents for usability testing, including schedule, observer guidelines, script, consent form, questionnaire, and more

Usability Toolkit

tags: template, usability, webdesign

Forms, checklists, and other documents for usability testing

    The Immutable Laws of Web Design and Development | Blue Flavor Annotated

    tags: humor, webdesign

    Humorous look at “laws” of web design and getting projects done

    Hofstadter’s Law: A task always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.

      Adobe – Developer Center : Using animations to extend Adobe Captivate for right-click capability

      tags: captivate, flash, tutorials

      It’s always been irritating when creating software demos in Captivate that you can’t ask users to right click. I’ve always just animated those actions and done a demo before, but this tutorial shows a way to actually have users do the right click and even score it. The Flash file to embed is included with the tutorial.

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