Daily Bookmarks 09/05/2007

Technophilia: Get productive with the best Facebook Apps – Lifehacker

Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Back to School Tools for the Organized Student – Lifehacker

  • Tools for students and education: Facebook apps, bibliography creators, social class notes, organizers, and more.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Half an Hour: Stager, Logo and Web 2.0

  • Lengthy post from Stephen Downes responding to Gary Stager’s criticisms of using Web 2.0 in education. One recurring thread from Downes’ arguments is the idea that Web 2.0 changes learning and knowledge so much that schools aren’t even relevant institutions anymore. Decentralized, connected, personalized, learning doesn’t look to an authority figure at the top, and schools still rely too much on centralized authority.
     – post by christyinsdesign

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