Daily Bookmarks 06/04/2007

Free Sound Effects: Nature Sounds : Public Domain Sounds

Healthcare Industry Basics

  • E-Learning example with interactive multimedia. Built around different stories to show different perspectives.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Digital History

  • American history resources, including primary sources.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Adventures in Statistics

  • E-Learning using narrative and multimedia to teach statistics. Free demos.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Performance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge Site

Option Six – Improving Performance Though E-Learning

  • E-Learning and multimedia examples. Go to Solutions > Media Samples to see the examples.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Clive on Learning: The Cult of the Amateur  Annotated

  • Book review for The Cult of the Amateur, which claims that web 2.0 is dumbing down society and encouraging people to create all sorts of mediocre content. Clive explains why he thinks the author is missing the whole point of content creation.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Before mass media, ordinary people painted, wrote poems and short stories, sang and played the piano. Then mass media not only took over all our discretionary time, it intimidated us with its multi-million dollar production budgets, its worship of celebrity and its stranglehold on the public consciousness. With web 2.0, the staus qou has been re-established. People once more feel empowered to be creative again; no more just voyeurs of the supposedly clever and talented.

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