Daily Bookmarks 04/06/2007

Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Context-Embedded Learning (In A Nutshell)  Annotated

  • Terrific application of constructivist pedagogy to video games in education, focusing on games and simulations’ ability to provide authentic context for learning.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Perhaps the most fundamental property of a constructivist learning environment is that it offers a context for student learning.

Context-embedded learning has been a cornerstone of the constructivist movement since the early 1900’s. Now, nearly a century later, video games and simulations can offer new contexts for student learning that would not have been available to students in the past.

Google Maps: America’s Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66  Annotated

  • Audio and Photos along Route 66, mapped using the new Google Maps ability to create your own maps
     – post by christyinsdesign
Quote: Jay Crim and Shekar Davarya spent the summer of 2002 driving across the country on Route 66, collecting interviews with the people who live, work and travel on the old road. The audio, video and images on this map are the result of that summer, and offer a glimpse into what life was like on the now-decommissioned highway and what remains for those who still travel the road.

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