Daily Bookmarks 02/06/2007

Pete Reilly : The Facts About Online Sex Abuse and Schools  Annotated(1)

  • Statistics to put concerns about student safety online in context. Most sexual abuse is from relatives, not online predators.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Quote: All forms of child abuse, not just sexual abuse, are undergoing a dramatic decline. Of course, you’d never know this from the hype the media is giving the cases of online related sexual abuse that they can trace back to MySpace or Facebook.

Publishers cater to growing use of MP3s for schoolwork – CNN.com  Annotated(1)

  • This is mostly a highlight of uses of mp3s without much educational depth, but just the fact that CNN considers it newsworthy is interesting to note.
     – post by christyinsdesign

Quote: “It’s interestingly changing the way in which people are educated. You just need to ask intelligent questions, and you can get answers anytime, anywhere, in real time,” Taylor said. “Education becomes no longer a fact-based learning process, it’s search-based, cognitive. It’s kind of like what happened to math skills with the calculator.”

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